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What is the USFA?

The USFA is an acronym for United Solutions For Adults – a solutions based company for Adult Product industry. We specialise in content management and ranking & reviews both online and offline.

What solution can you provide for me and my business?

We offer social management, customer engagement, product reviews, listing management, human resources and more.


Client Testimonials:


“Where to buy Poppers Online Australia?”


Engaging the “Jungle Juice” of your customers online.


businessnegotiationThe director at Amyl Nitrate Australia contacted us to provide their 18+ business with advice regarding computing, sales, referrals, email marketing, web design and customer engagement, as well as a whole lot more. Fotunately, we were in a position to help the company – given they previously had engaged other resourcing with great success, we were able to sort pertinent solutions for Amyl Nitrate Australia and provide them with a much needed boost in terms of traffic and sales. Underlining our work is a solid background and proven record working with particularly strong Adult businesses – in this case, the team at www.amylnitrate.com.au were able to encompass new ideas and businesses models that the company previously stated they had no idea existed! The Australian based Amyl Nitrate shop provided known and loved adult based room aromas, as well as leather cleaner and if I’m not mistaken, they also provide video head cleaner. Ultimately, the benefits of advanced marketing techniques, especially tailored for dubious Adult branded stores and e-commerce sites, they are now reaping the rewards of our referral management. If you are engaging 18+ customers and you, yourself, as an educated director are willing to take a leap in furthering your business, then we can only but recommend ourselves as a novel candidate to work with your most valued asset, your successful business, whether it be online or offline.


Being able to buy Poppers in Australia, and globally.


Vp3iu.AuSt.78Clients are what keep our own business as USFA functioning and progessing forwards. Paramout to maintaining a global network of e-commerce stores, an adult niche business owner needs to be able to actively seek out and acquire strong business advancement techniques, which we so wholeheartedly supply to clients – globally. A global market of customers not only instills especially important confidence in the customer, but provides the receiving end user with added motivation to complete their transaction online, knowing their credit card and erroneous details are kept securely, privately and disposed of when their usefullness has indeed expired. As a client of USFA we maintain international professionalism, even when dealing with such businesses as Amyl Nitrate Australia, a brand we did not know before being requested to work for them, but also being requested to work with them. From the team at USFA, please do not hesitate a single moment to get in touch with us. Lastly, Adult Businesses are our speciality, pride and joy – so leap frog your competitors or remain behind, with respect to marketing presence.